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Lifetime Adoption
Adoption help for pregnant women and families seeking to adopt a baby.

Open Adoption
Information for those seeking an open adoption plan for their baby, or want to adopt an infant.

Adoption Financing Information
Adoption grant and loan information.

Military Adoption
Assistance for those in the military who are interested in adoption resources.

Adoption Book
Adoption: Your Step by Step Guide to Adoption is a great guide for anyone seeking to adopt.

Adoption Charity
Lifetime Foundation, a non-profit; providing help to birthmothers and adoptive families

Adoption Webinars
Helping educate couples, families, and single parents as they seek to adopt a baby or child.

Bi-Racial Adoptions
Help for pregnant women and families who want to adopt.

State by State Adoptions
Resources and information nationwide for anyone wanting adoption help.

National Adoption Hotline
Get your adoption questions quickly answered. We help those wanting to learn more about placing their baby or child for adoption.

Adoption Home Study Report
A special free report that explains the adoption home study requirements and answers the simple question, "What is a home study?"

How Do I Tell My Parents I'm Pregnant?
Confidential tips and help for teens figuring out how to break the news to their paents.

Birthfather Questions
Adoption info for guys who've just found out their girlfriend is pregnant.

College Pregnancy Help
Are you in college? Have you just found out you’re pregnant? Maybe you’ve recently had unprotected sex and you’re worried you might be pregnant. We’re here to help!

Birthmother Articles
Tons of articles, help and information for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. We're here to help you get answers to your adoption questions!

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Adoption has many benefits not only for those who are looking to adopt, but for the child and the birth parents as well. Adoption is an act of love by all parties involved. If you are a young mother who simply cannot adequately care for your child, by putting that child up for adoption you are not giving him or her up, you are giving them a better life.

Adoption can be a blessing for everyone.

If you are single and expecting a child, putting your child in the care of people who can provide a two parent family and stable home is one of the most loving things you can do for your baby. A child has many needs and attempting to fulfill those needs alone can be extremely difficult.

Statistics say that children are much better off in a two parent household than being raised by a single parent. They will have a better chance of having a happy and content childhood and be more likely to grow into healthy and productive adults. Many of the children getting into trouble with the law and drugs today, come from single parent households. In addition, a great many of the poverty stricken families are headed by one parent.

This is a sad fact of life, and it is often not the fault of the parent attempting to raise the children. If you start your family before you are prepared, it is unlikely that you will finish school and be financially capable of taking care of a child. Additionally, it is very hard to meet the emotional needs of a child if you are working long hours just to put food on the table.

There is nothing more precious in life than a child, and of course we all want what is best for our children. Realizing that what may be best for your baby is to let him go to those who could be better parents, may be the hardest decision in your life, but it will be the most selfless thing you could do for your baby.

Today there are different types of adoption that may make this decision a little easier. Not only is it possible for the birth mother to pick the parents her baby will go to, but it is even possible to be able to maintain some contact with your child later.

Matt and Lyndee are a complete and happy family.

For those who are thinking about adopting a child there are countless wonderful aspects of adoption. Adoption makes it possible for those who for various reasons, cannot or choose not to have a biological child, to still have a family. When you adopt a child you are giving that child the gift of a loving and stable home, which they may not have had without you.

Often people wonder if it will be possible to love another person’s child as you would your own. This is really not as much of an issue with adoption as you might think. Once you have your child in your arms, you will grow to love that child more than you ever would have thought possible. It wont be long before you will not even be able to imagine life before you child came into it.

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